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    Financial Study association Amsterdam

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    Visual Identity Design, graphic design, webdesign

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With over 4,700 members, the Financial Study-association Amsterdam (FSA) is the largest financial study association in the Netherlands. United Creations was commissioned to redesign the visual identity to bring the professional status of FSA to the next level. The brand slogan ‘The Urge to Improve is What Makes the Difference’ became more important than it was ever before.

About FSA

The main focus lies on economics and finance orientated students in their third-year Bachelor and Master phase from the University of Amsterdam and VU University. As a result of nation wide and international projects, the pool of students also encompasses members from other universities in the Netherlands. Through the organization of various projects and activities, FSA bridges the gap between students and companies. The study associations offers various opportunities for students to explore the possibilities to orientate on the professional market and get recruited by one of it’s partners.

The Logo

Creating an icon of ambition. From metaphorically reaching the top to a simple emblem.

Het ontstaan van een logo

Logo Financiële Studievereniging Amsterdam


Financial Study association Amsterdam visual identity

The Style

All communication materials must have a consistent appearance to continue to guarantee the recognisability of FSA. There are two design variants available for all items: the iconic white variant and the full blue variant. These two design directions distinguish themselves through the use of photography and the way image plays a role in the composition.Templates are available for the most common means of communication developed to quickly and easily develop independent material.

Iconic white

Central to the composition is the FSA icon that forms a mask for the picture. With the iconic white variant there is room for partner logos to place color and form a calm design.

Full blue

Photographic material is used with a blue (gradient) filter as background. The focus for the icon is now different compared to the timeless white design. Texts and logos become diapositive (in white) placed over the photo with filter.
FSA design styles

The templates

To enhance future efficiency in creating marketing materials we’ve developed a broad range of design templates for Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. Besides templates we selected premium products to stock or to order on demand: pens, presentation folders, business cards, tote bags and even cufflinks.

Financial Study association Amsterdam event materials Event materials Financial Study association Amsterdam

The site

To connect with students, sponsors, partners and other stakeholders, the full website underwent a transformation. Incorporating the strong sense of ambition into a timeless design, the new website stands for progress and innovation. Linked with Salesforce it enables the FSA to facilitate a career platform and recruitment tool at the same time, connecting all stakeholders.